Spay and Neuter Surgery

Animal Medical Care strongly recommends spaying or neutering your dog or cat unless you are in the breeding business. Unplanned or unwanted litters of puppies or kittens place a great burden on animal shelters and pet owners.

Moreover, spaying or neutering your pet helps eliminate the risk of uterine infections, breast cancer, prostrate problems, and testicular cancer. For the best health results, kittens should be spayed or neutered between four to six months. For puppies, AMC will make a recommendation based on your pet’s lifestyle and breed based on the latest veterinary research.

Although spays and neuters are considered “routine,” any surgical procedure requires a highly skilled veterinarian team and a safe and effective anesthetic protocol. At AMC, a trained veterinary technician will monitor your pet's vital signs throughout the procedure and recovery, while a veterinarian performs the surgery. Your pet will then be given an individualized post-op pain management plan. 



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