Pet Kennel and Boarding

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Pets are members of your family. Whether you need to board your pet for the day or a month, you can count on the Kennel and Boarding services at Animal Medical Care to provide your pet with all the comforts of home.

Our boarding facility is an indoor climate controlled facility with a wide range of accommodations available. Your pet's comfort and health are our first priority. Unlike other Kennel and Boarding locations, our veterinarians are on site to attend to any medical need that may arise. Moreover, your pet’s medical records and history are at our finger tips.

AMC provides your pet with individual attention. Our kennel technicians are trained to observe eating habits, waste, and general behavior. All guest conditions are reported to the veterinary technicians and doctors daily and as needed. You can also trust that AMC will attend to any of your pet medications or needs while staying with us.

Dog Accommodations

  • Small kennel
  • Medium kennel
  • 3 x 6 ft Run
  • 4 x 6 ft Run
  • 6 x 6 ft Run
  • VIP Room 6 x 10 room with window looking outdoors


Our kennels and runs are disinfected twice a day while the dogs are outside enjoying fresh air and exercise. Our highly trained kennel technicians provide the attention your pet needs to keep him or her happy and healthy. 

Dog kennel and boarding

Cat Accommodations

  • Condominium with window looking outdoors


The kitty condos are in a warm room with many windows so that each cat may watch the outside world. The condo units themselves can be expanded to allow more room for climbing or room for more than one cat.  We supply our guests many cat toys to keep them occupied during their visit with us. Our staff cleans each condo twice a day to remove litter and debris and to ensure a clean environment for your cat.

Cat kennel and boarding

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