Orthopedics involve conditions that affect your pet’s skeletal system and extremities, including bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Orthopedic injuries can affect the mood and quality of life of your pet.

Pet Surgery

You may notice a slight limp, avoidance of physical activities like jumping, hesitation to get up, or other signs that your pet is experiencing discomfort. Thankfully, there are a number of treatments available that can reduce orthopedic pain for your pet, and Animal Medical Care is committed to finding a treatment plan that will work best.

If you suspect your pet is showing signs of pain, Animal Medical Care will run a series of diagnostic tests to determine the problem. After considering your pet’s age, breed, size, and health, along with the severity of the problem, an Animal Medical Care veterinarian will work with you to develop a plan of treatment for your pet. Potential treatments include anti-inflammatory and pain medications, platelet enhancement therapy, cold laser therapy, nutritional supplements, and orthopedic surgery.


Platelet Enhancement Therapy

Platelet therapy relieves pain; promotes healing; and is easy, safe, effective, and affordable. Animal Medical Care is able to perform platelet therapy directly in our office. This treatment for arthritis and ligament/tendon problems is steroid and drug free.


How Does Platelet Enhancement Therapy work?

 Platelets are small disc shaped cell like elements found in blood. Their main job is to form clots to stop bleeding, but platelets also contain growth factors for healing. Delivering a high concentration of platelets into an osteoarthritic joint or in an injured tendon or ligament promotes healing, is non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical and will help relieve the associated pain.

By using just a small amount of blood from your pet, Animal Medical Care is able to process the blood with the C-PET system right in our office. The C-PET system creates a high concentration of platelets to inject into your pet at the site of their pain. This promotes growth factors by using the pet's own platelets to heal the diseased or injured joint. Because this method uses your pet's own blood, it reduces the risk of side effects or adverse reactions.