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At Animal Medical Care, we value your feedback. Whether it reinforces what we do well or presents an opportunity to better serve you and our other customers, let us know how we’re doing. While we continuously seek feedback in a number of ways, we especially value hearing directly from our clients. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write a review.



If you have a Google+ account and/or a GMail address:

From a PC, sign-in to Google and visit AMC’s Google+ page. Click “Write a Review.” Submit your rating and review and click “Publish.”

From a mobile/tablet device, search for “Animal Medical Care” in the Google Maps App. Pull up the Info Sheet and enter your review and rating under “Rate and review.” Note, if you don’t have a Google+ account you can “Create an account” by clicking “Sign in” in the top right corner of   



If you have a Facebook account, visit AMC’s Facebook Reviews page and leave your review and rating in the “My Review” post box.



If you have a Yelp account, visit AMC’s Yelp Review page and leave your review and rating. You can also choose to simultaneously post to Facebook.


Or, just contact us directly.

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