Grooming Frequently Asked Questions

We're constantly asked, "Does my pet really need professional grooming services?"

For a number of pet owners, the benefits of grooming services far outweigh the cost involved. Our dog and cat groomers are highly skilled individuals that understand the need to keep your pet looking his best.

Many pets, especially cats, have a hard time dealing with the grooming process. Our team of trained professionals know how to keep your pet calm, cool and collected while they are being groomed.

Some common problems that pet owners run in to when trying to groom their own pets:

  • The haircut is too long/short
  • The toenails are clipped too short
  • The pet tries to bite the owner during the process
  • The owner uses the wrong kind of soap/shampoo


When you're ready to have your pet professional groomed and styled, contact Animal Medical Care to book your appointment!