Emergency Veterinary Care

Emergencies: Contact Animal Medical Care. After hour emergencies, please visit AnEmerge.com or call (770) 534-2911.

When an emergency happens, you need to seek immediate care for your pet. Animal Medical Care is here for you during office hours and partners with Animal Emergency of Gainesville for round-the-clock care when needed.

An emergency can arise in a number of circumstances. Your pet could consume poison, be bitten by another animal, be kicked by a horse or cow, suffer a stroke, be hit by a car, or experience some other life threatening issue. Whenever possible, please contact our office to let us know about your emergency so that we can prepare for your visit. When you need critical care for your pet during a time of immediate need, AMC is here to help.

Emergency Veterinarians

At Animal Medical Care, veterinarians work as a team so that you don't have to wait for a doctor to become available. This team approach also allows us to provide you with the highest level of service as our doctors can confer with one another about your pet's issue. Our attention to detail will help to ensure that your pet receives the proper care to help them recover from their emergency.

Animal Medical Care Vets

Our staff also includes a number of highly skilled technicians that are ready, willing, and able to assist when needed.

Emergency Surgery

There are certain times when medical treatment must extend beyond the exam room and into the operating room. Each of our veterinarians is a skilled doctor that is proficient in the OR. We understand that seconds can make a difference, so we always have an operating room and veterinarian available for you. We have radiology, ultrasound and other diagnostic equipment on site so that we can get a clear picture of what's truly going on with your pet.

Emergency Animal Hospital

If you think your pet might need immediate attention, please visit our hospital. We have the tools and team needed to recommend proper treatment for your pet. Whether your pet requires surgery, medication, and/or diagnostic tests, Animal Medical Care has you covered.

After-Hours Emergencies and Care

Animal Medical Care strongly believes that after-hour emergencies are best handled at a facility that is fully staffed with both veterinarians and technicians and that can provide over-night monitoring. AMC has a close working relationship with Animal Emergency of Gainesville to ensure that there is no gap in emergency coverage for our clients and customers.

If you have an emergency that occurs after-hours, please call Animal Emergency of Gainesville at 770-534-2911. We also refer patients that we may treat during office hours but that require 24-hour monitoring to Animal Emergency. 

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Emergencies: Contact Animal Medical Care. After hour emergencies, please visit AnEmerge.com or call (770) 534-2911.