Annual Physical for Pets

Yearly Examinations for Your Pet

One of the best ways to detect problems is to have your pet examined yearly by your veterinarian. At Animal Medical Care, we use this opportunity to detect any changes in your pet’s overall health and, more importantly, discuss any problems or issues on your mind.

Cat at the vet

An annual physical includes:

  • Weighing your pet to detect any changes
  • Listening to your pet’s heart and breathing
  • Closely examining your pet’s fur and skin
  • Looking in your pet’s ears to detect any infections
  • Examining your pet’s mouth and teeth
  • Palpating your pet to detect any possible abnormal masses


We are also happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about nutrition, training, and the general care of your pet. At Animal Medical Care, we value the time we spend with our clients. These annual visits serve as the cornerstone of our relationship.  

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