Fear-Free Veterinary Care

Animal Medical Care is committed to providing the best care possible for you and your pet. Our veterinarians are focused on incorporating practices that are intended to reduce anxiety that your pet may experience during its veterinary visit.  

What is a Fear-Free animal hospital?

We want your pet to look forward to their visit at Animal Medical Care. As a Fear-Free animal hospital we use methods dedicated to improving the overall experience of each vet visit. Our veterinarians are implementing practices that seek to eliminate stress for your pet. Animal Medical Care recognizes that each of our patients is unique; therefore we must adapt to the specific needs of each pet. Every Fear-Free practice is intentional and distinct to making the veterinary experience as stress-free as possible for your pet.  


Fear-Free vet visit for your pet at AMC

What are some examples of Fear-Free practices?

From grooming to microchipping, Animal Medical Care wants each pet to have a pleasant experience at our facility. We have separate canine and feline boarding areas with excellent sound control.

Here are some more examples of Fear-Free practices incorporated at Animal Medical Care:

Canine Patients

  • We give out a lot of yummy treats and a lot of love.
  • We talk with soft calm voices.
  • There are soft comfortable pads on exam room tables.
  • We recommend that all patients bring in a fecal sample rather than trying to collect a sample during your visit.


Feline Patients

  • Our office has a cat only exam room with a scale to weigh patients.
  • Our feline boarding offers a sound proof room with a window looking outdoors.
  • We always try and limit wait time in the lobby.
  • We have a Feliway diffuser that releases feline pheromones throughout the facility, so cats feel safe and secure in the exam room.
  • Our technicians practice petting cats rather than holding/restraining.

Why choose Animal Medical Care for your pet?

Fear-Free practices benefit the animal, their owner and the veterinarian.  Our clients and their pets are responding well to Fear-Free practices. Veterinarians are noticing that after implementing these new veterinary techniques, clients and patients are visiting voluntarily and more frequently. When you and your pet are comfortable, our job is a little easier. 

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