COVID-19 Updates

Curbside Appointments

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 our clinic has moved to a curbside appointment model until further notice. We have taken this measure to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep you, your pets and our staff as safe as possible.

How Do These Appointments Work?

  1. When you schedule your appointment our client service representative will let you know where to pull in and wait for a staff member.
  2. Once you arrive at the clinic – give us a call – and we will send out a staff member to gather your pet’s history from the passenger side of your vehicle and escort your animal into our clinic.
    1. If it is a routine exam, please remain in the parking lot.
    2. If it is a procedure or emergency, you will have to leave your pet for pick up later in the day.
  3. We will perform the exam inside and the DVM or a technician will give you a call to discuss treatment options and plans.
  4. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, the DVM will transfer you to a customer service agent to collect payment over the phone.
  5. Once the exam or procedure is completed, we will give you a call. When ready a staff member will bring your pet to your car with any medications, food, supplies if needed.

If you are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus (have fever, coughing, shortness of breath) and have a scheduled appointment, please let our clinic know ASAP. We are advising you to not bring your pet for their scheduled appointment. We ask that you please find an alternative ride for your pet to our clinic. If not possible we will do our best to address your needs and concerns over the phone.

COVID-19 in Pets

The CDC recently confirmed the first few cases of COVID-19 in pets in the United States. If you have concerns or questions about your pet and the Coronavirus, please view the resources below for additional information:

  • For inquiries about COVID-19 in animals, contact
  • For inquiries about the testing and confirmation process for animals, contact

Inside Our Clinic

Our team is committed to sanitizing and cleaning our clinic in accordance with CDC guidelines and recommendations. We are using bleach wipes on all high touch areas including handles and counters.

Any clients who come in to the clinic will have access to clean pens, as well

We will continue to provide updates as they become available. Please call our clinic with any questions and concerns you may have.

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